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Thomas Stearns

Since its inception, Lux Italia has differentiated itself from the panorama of sector competitors by defining a new approach that starts from technological innovation and not from the product. The goal is not to produce and market lighting products, but to develop innovative lighting solutions.

The company took its first steps in the second half of the 1980s, specializing in electronic design, offering, among other things, technical support for the world's major microprocessor manufacturers.
A path that leads to the official birth of Lux Italia in 2004 and which, within a few years, is positioned on the domestic market as the main Italian manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting control systems.
The know-how in control hardware and software ensures that the company internally manages all the design phases of the system.

Today Lux Italia is the reference point of the lighting industry, a player capable of operating in 40 countries around the world with solutions designed and installed on three continents.
Worldwide it is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers for automatic LED dimming systems as well as one of the main suppliers of lighting systems for major credit institutions.

Lux Italia's vision is to illuminate, to excite and to create well-being. Ours are valuable projects that start from the world of technology to make a difference in that of professional LED lighting. This is the mantra that guides every creation of Lux Italia.
Iconic creations that make light a living element capable of designing new spaces and creating unique suggestions.

For customers and for our avant-garde projects, we design first-rate ad hoc lighting solutions, of any size and that can be admired all over the world.
Man, society and the environment are at the center of our thinking, light for them must be well-being. Empathy and trust are the pillars of our work commitment. We strongly believe in respecting the territory and humanity, we do it respecting safety, creating sustainable growth and protecting the environment, with a future vision aimed at global well-being.

We could focus on the value of our works, but we prefer that the images speak for themselves.
Rather, we prefer to focus briefly on the value of our values. Because we are convinced that it can tell you a lot (also) about our work. We would like to try to transmit even a small part of that passion which, combined with technical skills, moves us every day.
For us, lighting doesn't just mean making something more visible, whether it's a room, an object or an outdoor place, but giving it value. It means "giving birth" to a project that knows how to capture the deepest essence of a place or even simply of a detail.
It is about giving a special experience, even an emotion, to those who experience a place, to those who observe it and also to those who look at it quickly, even if only in passing.

Our mission is to give life to lighting works that meet expectations, have quality and reliability, the trademark of Made in Italy in the world. For us, all this is achievable only with the use of the most advanced technologies and with the highest design and manufacturing quality.

Lux Italia accompanies the client from design consultancy to assistance services, including certified energy analysis.