Since 2019 Lux Italia has been a member of CONFIMI, the Confederation of the Italian Manufacturing Industry and of the Private Enterprise which represents about 45,000 companies. We share an ethical code of values that are the result of a collective commitment: “The voices and ideas that improve us ”.

We recognize ourselves in the common values and common interests of 'doing business' through a representation system that Confimi Industria interprets with the responsibility of cultivating this common value and with the awareness of increasing its wealth, acting responsibly and with far-sightedness, to the benefit of its companies. associated as much as of the whole community.

In fact, our path to build wealth for all starts from the creation of a horizontal relationship from one man to another, to come to recognize ourselves as parts of a large family that takes on a more unified dimension to the point of identifying with a community in which the use of part of the wealth for the satisfaction of social needs assumes the value of an obligation of the owner and not a right of the beneficiary.