Let's take an industrial place, better an industrial archeology, an indefinite forgotten space, let's throw ourselves into the LIGHT that identifies the shapes, the Light that defines the color tone, the Light that determines the emotions, the LIGHT, LUX as the Latins wisely indicate, and we obtain the necessary basis for an Idea.

Once the space, determined by the limit of a function, has been acquired, the subdivision of the environments dedicated to the needs of living, working, flows frenetically, but at the same time logical and natural. Using light as a fourth dimensional element, the volumes take the conceived shape and the surfaces acquire their materiality and, with the choice of colors, transform the definition of the limit of function, cold and mathematical, into a warm and enveloping place.

It is necessary to devise the spaces and shapes within them, masterfully dosing the source of light, whether natural or artificial, and it is also necessary to do it simultaneously so as to return the designed emotion to the client.

It is therefore essential for a space professional to know the different sources of light and how technology helps us to shape it almost as if it were matter itself.

In this eulogy to Light, the design of the lighting body is not placed on a secondary level, but on the contrary plays a game on par with the same light source, one caressing the curves of the other, the other reflecting the warm tones. of the first.

The result is an interior project that restores a technological personality but with warm tones, involving those who will experience the rooms in a sensory experience.