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With the introduction of the LED, the lighting industry has changed radically. The advantages of LEDs, such as high efficiency, long life and small mechanical dimensions permitted unthinkable developments compared when traditional sources are used.

The capability to control electronically the intensity, the colors and temperature of white light has required substantial investments in research and development, a proven and well-established knowledge of electronics, optics and thermodynamics, and the introduction of innovative production processes.

A distance of 10 years from the first applications, the market has understood the almost endless possibilities of LED application. To satisfy the needs of an ever-increasing number of customers, requiring customized lighting solutions, LUX Italy created the Custom Products Department, dedicated to installations which can start from unique piece, small series up to industrial production of the products studied, designed and implemented on customer request.

In order to be able to cover a very special needs of each customer, thanks to over thirty years of experience in research and development in electronics and physics, LUX Italy offers a structured approach on entire management cycle of the project and manufacture of custom applications:

Cutting-edge production processes, sophisticated technological solutions, innovative materials and over 10 years of know-how in a professional LED lighting allows our customers to get the maximum satisfaction for their needs. One of the most significant examples is the project for artistic lighting commissioned from the Naples Metro, the Toledo underground station, 2011 award winner of the competition organized by the Daily Telegraph for the “Most Impressive Underground Station in Europe”, and selection by CNN as the “World’s most beautiful metro station”, and finally the “2014 Oscar for the technology of underground works Award”.


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