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Introduction of the LED technology drastically increased usage of electronic in lighting applications. New and rapidly growing market of automatic illumination systems and building automation required capabilities and features that old fashion communication lighting protocols could not satisfy. New lighting applications require new communication standard that will permit full compatibility between equipment from different manufacturers regardless of implemented technology, and OpenDMX is the answer.

The first version of the OpendDMX protocol has been published in 2004 by LUX Italia. The OpenDMX protocol has been defined by the OpenDMX Specification. The specification describes a method of digital data transmission between controllers and controlled equipment. It covers electrical characteristics, data format, data protocol and application layer implementation.

The specification is intended as a guide for:

Equipment compliant with the Specification can be defined "OpenDMX Compatible" but only products that has been certified by Authorized OpenDMX Certification Center (AOCC) can be marked “OpenDMX Certified” and must  be marked with the OpenDMX logo and symbol

OpenDMX is a public domain and license free protocol. Its implementation does not require any permission, frees or any other additional costs. The OpenDMX Alliance will not certificate products, networks, systems or applications where OpenDMX protocol has been used. Devices claimed to be OpenDMX compatible are on the strict responsibility of the manufacturer, system designer and/or installer. Products certified through AOCC centers as “OpenDMX Certified” will be inserted in an OpenDMX Official product database and will be publicized on OpenDMX site.

Every product, product document, user manual or any other device and document that implements OpenDMX protocol or is involved in application using OpenDMX protocol AND has been certified by the Authorized OpenDMX Certification Center (AOCC) must respect correct device and/or document marking. Manufacturer is obliged to respect OpenDMX logo and symbol form, size, colors and proportions. The OpenDMX logo and symbol in electronic format (JPG, EMF, DXF and EPS) will be supplied by the OpenDMX Alliance after product/company certification.

Although OpenDMX is a free license protocol, there are some features that request manufacturer registration by the OpenDMX alliance, such as product certification, for example. The registration is free of charge upon official request

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